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Improve your FISHING and enjoy more with this realistically designed swimbaits that will help you CATCH MORE fish. The paint job on the lures is next to nothing, and the SOUND they give will have all the bass in the rivers & lakes SCRAMBLING for it!



Why miss a catch with other lures when you can have this…? This type of bait is good for all types of fishing, including bass fishing and ice fishing.




Equipped with many small steel ball-bearings inside the body which sound while moving to attract fish.

Using strong fabric to joint the fish with pulling force up to 17 kg, so you can easily catch any big fish.

3D eyes make it look more lifelike.



Material: ABS plastic body + sharp and firm carbon steel hook

Weight: 15.2 g / 0.03 lb

Length: 10 cm / 3.9″


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Thank you a lot! Absolutely 5 stars!!!


Glad I could find a swimming fishing lure online, recommend


all as described. insanely satisfied. really thanks!


it's really awesome that i can get online with no extra costs and receive it promptly and conveniently


my second order in this store :) thanks for great service! bionic fishing lure is amazing!


Quality of product even better than expected. I totally recommend this store!


I like them so much I ordered another set , so I can give a couple to some friends to try out. I uploaded a picture from my fishing trip yesterday where I tried them out and WOW! The bass hit them so hard what a fight had a great time using my new lures from you.


Just received this today. Put it on a medium bait caster with 12 lb trilene. First couple cast and found a nice size bass roaming out lake (we just moved on an acre on the lake). I castes shallow water less than a foot and caught this beauty. Would love to test some more on my lake!! Took my skepticism out of the picture now. Thanks!


Got it in the mail yesterday, went fishing last night caught 2 bass in first 3 cast ended up catching 7 in an hour, got up early this morning and they were hitting hard and fast.


First time out throwing these baits and my son caught this within 10 cast 3 and 1/2 pounds.


The first time I used it, I was a little unsure if I was fishing it correctly. As I was slowly reeling it in for a recast, this fish took it for a ride. It works!


Only took an hour and a half to catch 4 large mouth in a pond that I’ve always struggled with!


Really love the action they produce when going though the water, love them, my fav lures now


I purchased the fishing lures for my husband’s birthday and he is elated to try them with some upcoming fishing trips. The detail and design of each lure is amazing!


The product is amazing it does work better than live bait I’ll probably have to buy more soon just to have a variation of lures.


I love these lures! They look just like the real thing going through the water. I have caught a lot of big speckled trout with these lures!


Compare to other expensive glide baits on the market, I thought this one wasn't going to be that great. However, when I tried this other day it was as good as expensive ones. It has a great action, slow sinking, movement is outstanding! Great lure for great price!


For the price these swimming lures are excellent. Hooks are reasonably sharp. The action is tight and consistent when reeled at the proper pace. They definitely have a “sweet spot” where they swim better, find it and you are golden. I wouldn’t describe the action as realistic but it causes the right commotion to catch fish.


These are great and have a lot of movement. The sway action in the water gives you a massive amount of control and plenty of options on how to retrieve. I've had good success with these in both salt and fresh water. I was a little worried about how well they would hold up against Trout or other species known for hitting hard and fast but these have done a really good job. They also settle out fast in the water which is great for fast retireval or causes those trigger bites to happen. Besides that they look good in the water and the color variety is great for changing water bodies and clarity. It's fun to see them move in the water and have a good movement at both slow and fast retrieval which is a must when hitting those lazy summer bass.


They are very lifelike in the water. I used them a few times, caught a Pike. So, they do work!


I am very pleased with this purchase.


Was very impressed with the quality of the lures, can't wait to catch some fish


Son and grandkids love them. Now their favorite lure


The water action is unreal! Great product


Lures look great and seem to swim true. Definitely excited to catch some biggins on them this upcoming season!!!!

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