23g Sinking Wobblers

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The all-new assortment of products with the fishing lure on top are destined to sell fast (so take a look now).

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  • Cutting-edge design
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Choose your Color and buy your fishing bait today for just US $17.00.

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What makes you think your wobbler for fishing compares well to other options?
All our products, including the fishing lure, live up to the strictest requirements to quality. Apart from that, our goods are fairly priced. As a result, it makes our offers stand out from the others.

Does your supplier use any toxic materials during the wobbler for fishing production?
We can assure our clients that the materials used to manufacture the fishing lure live up to the highest quality requirements. Therefore, they can’t hurt anybody.

Why does it only cost US $17.00 if it’s so good?
Since we’ve significantly reduced our stock-related expenses, we are able to offer our customers low prices along with proper quality of our products.

Can’t really see the price, please confirm?
You can order this item for US $17.00.

What if I don’t like it after it comes in the mail?
Don’t worry, because we have a flexible refund policy! If the purchase doesn’t live up to your expectations, we will compensate for your trouble.

Сan I write a review on my purchase?
You’re more than welcome to leave all kinds of feedback because we’re always happy to hear from our clients.


Will I get a refund if anything happens to the package?
There is no reason to be worried about it because you will either receive your package safe and sound or get a full refund.

What if I buy several of these? Will they all arrive together?
If you’re ordering several units of the same item, they are coming all together even if every unit has its own package. So you won’t need to visit your post office several times!

I’m not sure what method of payment to choose. Does it influence the delivery time?
It doesn’t matter what payment method you choose because the shipping time will not depend on it.

I want to place an order now. Can I?
The product is available for purchase, so you are welcome to ADD TO CART the desired number of units.

Can I find the fishing bait in offline stores as well?
If you come across the fishing lure in offline stores, you should know that you deal with a reseller. Therefore, you’ll be overcharged.

You got my attention. However, is your store reliable?
We use secure payment methods for all our transactions and guarantee full refunds if your product gets damaged or lost during shipment. Besides, we have a lot of trusting and loyal customers – feel free to check out their feedback.

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The store was very friendly and professional!! The fishing bait was all exactly as described, the quality was excellent! Shipping was very fast! I highly recommend this shop, I will definitely buy again! Thank you so much!


It was ok but I imagined it to be bigger!


Excellent again, got here incredibly quickly was very surprised! :)


It looks very good product now to test them


It fits the description, the effectiveness will have to be tested


I took several items and they look good quality Try


Very nice.


Very Well!


Very pleased this entire order! Great quality! Fast shipping!


Interesting wobbler, well done.


Just like the photo, not used. Delivery very fast


Well received but a little too late! 15 days late compared to my last order, I only have to do a test.


Was great


Am Satisfied


its very good qualuty and I recommend the store


Item of very good quality and very fast delivery (perfect)


Got a fish. Excellent. Tees are sharp, the layer of varnish is quite good,. Let's see how it shows itself.


Fast shipment and delivery!! Good workmanship! Let's try to catch


Thank you so much I am leaving a feedback on 5 star


fishing lure arrived within 2 weeks on perfect condition. Great store. Highly recommend!


I was extremely glad to find online for such a reasonaby price and from such a reputable seller


the quality of fishing bait is great for the price


The quality of the product was good.The shipment was faster than I expected, I thought it would take about a month but it didn't.


Can surely say this store offers the cheapest price for

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